25 junio 2008

Festival de la fotografía instantánea de Catania, Italia -Festival of the snapshot of Catania, Italy

¿Quién dijo que la fotografía instantánea había muerto? He aquí la prueba de que sigue viva...
Who said that the shooting had died instantly? Here is the proof that still alive ...

Polaroid is 60 years old. Used by Andy Warhol, loved by Helmut Newton, Nobuyoshi Araki and many others, Instant Photography was the symbol of an era. With instant emulsion, photography was also to become an expressive tool for pop artists, an immediate means to capture any aspect of everyday life. It can be used by anyone, artists, children and ordinary people; there is no longer any need to take the film to the processing lab, all it takes is to wait a few seconds to see the image taken moments before appear before your very eyes. Even though instant photography will always be seen in terms of the Polaroid, many photographers today produce their own instant emulsions and cameras. It's only an instant print, but it makes a whole lot of difference.



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